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Aura Moon Roughly Throat Fucked & Spit On [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Hobybuchanon, oral, hardcore, vomit, face fucked

Video Description: I ask Aura Moon if she's ready to get face fucked, she replies "not by you but we'll see". She finds out quick as I begin roughly fucking her face and keeping my cock all the way down her throat. She asks me to spit on her and I spit in her face and slap and choke her. I fuck her throat more and continue slapping her face, choking and spitting on her throughout the shoot. I pound the back of her head down on my cock and hold her nose for a 10-count. I have her eat my asshole in different positions and continue throating her with my cock. I spank her with a paddle and take her to the bed and mount her and fuck her face roughly. I spit in her face and choke her and slap her face repeatedly. I have her get on the side of me and rapidly fuck her throat and put my cock all the way in it. I fuck her throat until I blow my load all the way down it. I tell Aura she was a good girl and she asks for one more slap!

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Genre: Dickdrainers, milf, boobs, big tits, oral, hardcore, bbc, vomit

Video Description: I don't know what the fuck happened. Just YESTERDAY I was just chillin, playin video games and smokin wit the homies. Havin a good ass time you know?

And now today? I woke up and I'M SICK AFFF!! Like I'm BEDRIDDEN. I had to call off work and everything! Ain't been this sick in a minute!

I been coughing and sneezing all fuckin day. Went through like 4 rolls of toilet tissue already, I been blowin my nose so much! And the stuff I'm coughin up? You don't even wanna see that bro.

I don't even want to THINK of what this might be. But I got hella fluids and medicine and I been tryin to eat too, but I can't even keep anything down.

Shit, I think I mite even be hallucinating. Even wit the way I'm feelin, I keep thinking about big milky white titties!

I can't even rub one out right now cuz I'm so tired! Who knew coughin and sneezing was so exhausting?? I think that a nap might be a good idea. Lemme close my eyes for a few hours and hopefully when I wake up I'll feel better.

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