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Caning Discipline [HD 720P]

Genre: Double Domination, Dual Domination, Duo Of Dommes, Two Mistresses One Slave, Double Caning, Mistress Elena De Luca, Bdsm, Dungeon, Mistress Klara, Mistresses In Latex Dress, Dominas In Latex Dress, Wetlook Latex Dress, Sexy Latex Dress, Shiny Fetish, Sexy Latex Dress, Mistresses In Latex, Dominas In Latex, Goddesses In Latex, Fetish Clothing, Sexy Clothing, Latex Clothing, Latex Outfit, Shiny Clothing, Brunette Mistress, Shoe Fetish, High Heels, Stilettos, Masked Slave, Black Leather Mask, Bondage Male, Bondage Slave, Tied Slave, Tied Male, Bound Slave, Bound Male, Rattan Cane, Real Mistresses, Real Dominas, Real Dominatrix, Femdom Kink, Kinky Femdom, Cruel Brunette, Brutal Caning, Caned, Beatdowns, Beat, Sexy Goddesses, Bratty Goddesses, Young Mistresses, Young Goddesses, Young Dominatrix, Young Dommes, Young Dominas, Young Women, Powerful Women, Merciless Femdom, Merciless Domination, No Mercy Femdom, Merciless Dominas, Cruel Bdsm, Brutal Bdsm, Brutality, Cruelty, Masochism, Pain, Extreme Femdom, Dominant Women, Beautiful Sadist, Corporal Punishment, Sadism, Erotic Torment, Sadistic Mistresses, Female Supremacy, Male Abuse, Abused Male, Abused Slave, Female Superiority, Slave Humiliation, Slave Abuse, Femdom, Female Domination, Poor Slave, Extreme Female Domination, Brutal Hard Caning

Video Description: Ms. Elena De Luca and Mistress Klara use their hands to rough up this slaves ass. Restrained by his wrists, he is completely helpless to the two Mistresses. Once his ass turned red enough for them, they got their canes ready and decided it was time to use them. He knows that he has no other choice but to take every stroke and that the Mistresses will not stop until they're done. With each stroke, his ass becomes redder but that is exactly the way the Mistresses like their meat- nice and rare.

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Smothered Under Pantyhose [HD 720P]

Genre: Mistress Elena De Luca, Bdsm, Dungeon, Masked Slave, Black Mask, Hom, Hands Over Mouth, Hand Smothering, Fetish Clothing, Sexy Clothing, Pantyhose Fetish, Nylon Fetish, Nylons, Glossy Nylon, Glossy Pantyhose, Shiny Pantyhose, Shiny Nylon, Silky Pantyhose, Nylon Legs, Pantyhose Legs, Mistress In Pantyhose, Domina In Pantyhose, Dominatrix In Pantyhose, Pantyhose Domination, Pantyhose Humiliation, Pantyhose Facesitting, Legwear Femdom, Captive Male, Bondage Male, Bondage Slave, Tied Slave, Tied Male, Bound Slave, Bound Male, Brat Girls, Degradation, Breath Control, Pathetic Loser, Pathetic Male, Pathetic Slave, Personal Slave, Executrix, Sexy Outfit, Brutal Facesitting, Ass Smothering, Fullweight Facesitting, Dominatrix, Erotic Asphyxiation, Asphyxia, Breath Play, Breathing Torture, Amazons, Poor Slave, Sadistic Facesitting, Under Mistress Ass, Gagging Without Air, Oxygen Less, Facesitting, Face Sitting, Sit On Face, Femdom, Female Domination, Helpless Slave, Facesat, Facesit, Dominant Woman, Smothered, Trapped, Female Supremacy, Female Superiority, Young Mistress, Young Goddess, Young Domina, Young Dominatrix, Young Domme, Mistress On Top, Domina On Top, Goddess On Top, Dominatrix On Top, Ass Trap, Ass Fetish, Ass Domination, Ass Humiliation, Heavy Smothering, Sadistic Ass, Reverse Facesitting, Ass Smother, Ass Grinding

Video Description: Ms. Elena De Luca is wearing tight, shiny pantyhose and is in the mood to smother her slave with her ass. Strapped down and helpless, she reminds him that he has no control over what happens to him and it's apparent the second she climbs onto his face. Under her, he suffers but is also grateful she is giving him any sort of attention with her perfect ass. She bounces on his face and punishes him for when he accidentally rips her perfect hose...

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