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Genre: Japanese, Amateur, Sex, Creampie

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Barbara - Fisting her anal prolapse [FullHD 1080p]

Genre: prolapse, submissive, amateur, anal, fisting

Video Description: We have a thrilling update starring the submissive amateur wife 'Barbara', having her loose ass mercilessly punch fucked by her dominant husband till its a prolapsing, drooling wreck. This is 100% anal punch fucking destruction from start to finish and exactly what Barbara craves! She loves being an exclusive anal only fisting whore, and the degradation drives her wild with lust. It is constantly on her mind, being humiliated as her husbands obedient anal slut, ready to receive his huge fist at any given moment and this extreme dilation training came at a very spontaneous time. He disturbed her afternoon house chores, commanding her to strip off her clothes and squat on the side table with her legs spread wide apart. She was a little shocked at the surprise, but only too happy to instantly submit to him. Barbara does as she's asked, and he quickly lubricates his fist and plunges it straight into her ass to the wrist. Her hole is so loose it barely needed even a minute of warming up, before his entire hand was shoved inside her rectum. Hard twisting thrusts of his fist penetrates her ass hole, as she frantically masturbates her clit. Her groans of ecstasy grow louder as he picks up the pace and is now punching his entire, clenched fist completely in and out of her hole. Her anus prolapses and spurts with lubricant every time he pulls out his hand, and slams it right back in. Barbara loses complete control and her body shudders in an explosive climax, that has her panting and gasping for breath. Her ass hole is thoroughly destroyed and she can now redress and continue with her daily chores, whilst her ass and cunt continue drooling with her orgasmic bodily fluids throughout the day, to remind her of what a kinky anal fisting whore she is!

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